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How to Fix 0x80070422 Windows Update Error (a Free Guide)

Ian Lexner
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Tony L.


I keep getting error 0x80070422 on my Windows 10 update, how can i fix it?


since my Windows 10 started to update automatically I keep getting the error 0x80070422. And I think my windows can't be updated.
Is there a way to fix this issue?

Solved issue

The 0x80070422 error is usually caused by incorrect configuration of the Window Update service. This error can come up in several occasions, but most commonly it shows up while updating Windows 10. Leaving this error unfixed can cause more issues such as serious security issues, performance issues and instability of the whole machine. That is why it is important to get it fixed at the first sight of it.

0x80070422 windows update error

Although Microsoft can definitely help users who are experiencing this issue, getting someone to personally assist you may take time. That is why most users who are experiencing the 0x80070422 error tend to fix it themselves. In this guide, we will show you step-by-step instruction on how you can manually fix this error or you may also use an automatic repair tool such as Restoro. Below are some of the methods that you can follow.

Solve the 0x80070422 Error Using the Window Update Troubleshooter

  1. Hold down the “Windows” key on the keyboard and press the letter “R” to open the Run Command and type in “control update” to open the Windows Update Screen
Opening the Windows Settings
  1. In the Troubleshoot window, click “Run the Troubleshooter” under Windows Update
Windows Troubleshooter
  1. Let Windows complete the diagnoses of the issues and let it perform the fixes

Disabling the IPv6 Connection

  1. Hold down the “Windows” key and press the letter “R” and type in “ncpa.cpl” in the Run command line and press enter to open the Network Connections window
Opening the Network Connections
  1. In the Network Connections window, right click on “Ethernet” and left click on “Properties”. In the ethernet properties, uncheck the “Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6)” and click “OK
Disabling the IPv6

Set the Windows Update Server to Automatic Start

  1. Hold down the “Windows” key on the keyboard and press “R” to open the Run command line and type in “services.msc” and press enter
Opening the Windows Services
  1. Look for the “Windows Update” in the list of services and right click on it. In the properties, click on the “Startup Type” and select “Automatic” and click “Ok
Setting the Windows Update Properties to Start Automatically

Restarting the Network List Service

  1. Once again, open the run command line by holding down the “Window” key and press the letter “R” and type in “services.msc” and press enter
Opening the Windows Services
  1. Look for the “Network List Service” in the list of services and right click on it and select “Restart” and wait for it to complete restart
Restart the Network List Service

Using the Windows Registry Editor

When it comes to fixing the 0x80070422 error through the Windows Registry Editor, users should be very careful in making changes in the files in it as it can cause the machine to not work properly. Before following these steps, it is wise to make a backup of the registry before proceeding.

  1. Hold down the “Windows” key and press the letter “R” and type in “regedit” in the run command line
Opening Registry Editor
  1. In the Registry Editor, go to the following address: “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\ Windows Update\\Auto Update” and look for “EnableFeaturedSoftware” and set its value to “1
  2. If the “EnableFeaturedSoftware” has not yet been created then you have to create it yourself manually. Right click on an empty space in the “WindowsUpdate” pane and click “new” and click “DWORD (32-bit) value” and name in “EnableFeaturedSoftware”. Set its value to “1” and click “Ok
Creating the EnableFeaturedSoftware Entry in Registry Editor

To Sum Up

Getting the 0x80070422 error fixed may look complicated especially for people who does not really have an inclined technical knowledge. In this case, we recommend individuals who are not confident in manually fixing the 0x80070422 error to use an automatic repair tool such as Restoro.

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