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How to Remove SHOPGIRLMTL.COM Pop-Up Redirects (Free Instructions)

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I have some kind of popping up and redirecting my browser. How can i fix this?


i've seen some random site "" constantly popping up and redirecting me to random websites.
How can I remove this virus/error?
Thank you.

Solved issue
How to Remove pop-ups

When you are browsing and opening sites, you encounter advertisements where you could close the pop-up ads and then you are free of the unnecessary clicks. Despite the options to remove the ads, there is a certain pop-up that redirects you to another site which is a deceitful and dangerous internet site. For some users, the pop-up is a tricky problem that could waste the time spent on the internet.

What is and why does it pop-up on your browser?

This pop-up is a browser-based scam which baits users into subscribing to push notifications. By clicking allow, the will send irrelevant and unnecessary advertisements directly to your computer or phone. This is not just a typical pop-up ads that gets you to hit the subscribe button, because by clicking into it, the site will present websites related to adware. Adware is software advertising supported software that shows unwanted advertisements on your computer.

What sites do these pop-ups usually appear?

In this day and age of the digital era, people spend their time online. Either for entertainment, academic pursuits, work, or communication, there is a great number of click times recorded in a year. Also, pop-up ads from websites such as movie streaming sites or malicious software programs which are open for download. The issue with accepting the notifications from the website is that your computer is at risk to malware-related websites.

The Removal Guide

To remedy this, follow the guide on how to remove and pop-up advertisements from your web browser settings.

The process of removing the permission to send notifications in Google Chrome settings

Whether you are a Mac or a Windows operating system user, this method is applicable for both. You will find the steps below are easy to follow to remove the permission to send pop-up notifications.

  1. You will see the three dots on the right corner of your Google Chrome browser.
  2. Click it. Then, you select “Settings”.
Chrome Settings
  1. On the settings main section of your account, go to the Privacy and Security section.
  1. You will see clear browsing data, cookies and other site data, security, and site settings. You click “Site Settings”.
Site Settings
  1. After selecting the Site Settings, go straight to look for the Permissions area of the setting. Then click on “Notifications”.

Now, since you are in the Site Settings option, you will see a list of sites saved in your browser. Among those lists, you will find the site.

  1. Click the three vertical dots button and select “Remove”.

Remember that is a pop-up on your laptop which should not be in your computer files. Also, there are other adware programs which you get installed in your computer without your knowledge. Make sure to remove them as well.

Why do I keep on seeing the pop-up ads?

After doing the easy steps in Chrome settings, you have removed the notifications from your browser. In case you are still seeing the pop-up ads, maybe it is because your computer is infected with a malicious program or you have opened a site which linked you to this page again.

In this next guide, you will learn how to remove pop-up ads due to a malicious program installed in your computer. A guide about malware removal may seem difficult to do because of the number of steps and numerous programs used.

Delete the adware from programs and features entirely

In this section, you will be able to get rid of the unwanted adware that lingers in the storage of your disk. On this topic, there are multiple ways to remove the adware depending on which operating system is installed on the device where you see the pop-up ads.

Remove it From Windows:

In this first guide, you will learn how to free your disk by removing the adware from Windows.

  1. Go to the Start Menu or the Windows key and then select Settings then go to the Control Panel.
  2. When you are into the Control Panel, the next one to click is the Add or Remove programs settings
  3. Select the uninstall or any related or unrecognizable programs. One trick to make this easier is by clicking the column of the “installed on” then sort the software according to date. The recently installed adware applications will be visible.

Delete pop-up ads in Windows Automatically

Aside from the manual removal of the program, you can also opt for a tool to help you in removing the program in your system. You can remove adware with Restoro.

  1. You can easily download and install Restoro Anti-Malware & PC-fix software here.
  2. Next. Then, launch the Restoro after the software installation
  3. All you have to do next is to run the Malwarebytes and proceed as recommended in the process
  1. After the installation process, next is to click the “Get Started” and select the Restoro Premium to enable the 14-day free premium protection features.

The premium feature removes existing infections, blocks malicious websites and runs automatically.

  1. On the other hand, you may select the Restoro Free which will enable only the “remove existing infections” feature.
Malwarebytes Installation
  1. Click on the “Scan” button and with this scanning; Restoro will automatically update the antivirus database in order to start your computer for malware. The process may take up a few minutes of your time but you have to wait for the scan to complete.
  2. After the scan is complete, the Threat Scan results will list all malicious programs found.
  3. The next thing to do is to review the malware scan results and click the “Quarantine” button to continue.
Quarantine threats
  1. After the process, there will be a pop-up window asking you to restart your computer. Click “Yes” to reboot your computer. This way, the malware removal process will be complete.

Removing the pop-up ads in Mac Manually

First, you have to determine which way you would want to remove the pop-up ads and notifications.

If you want to remove it in Chrome or Safari:

  1. Open Safari app.
  2. Go to the upper left corner.
  3. Select Safari beside the Apple logo.
  4. Go to preferences.
Safari Application
  1. After that, you need to open the “Websites” tab.
  2. On the left menu, click “Notifications”.
Notifications Tab on Safari
  1. Through the notifications box, you will find a list of websites with notifications that you allowed by hitting the “Allow button”.
  2. All you have to do is to find the URL and select it, click the Deny button.

For Chrome in Mac, you will find the guide mentioned above as useful as it is the same process with Windows.

To delete pop-up ads in Mac Automatically

Now, if you want to remove the pop-up ads using Restoro in Mac, you have to follow these steps first before getting down to the process which is similar to using Restoro installed in a Windows operating system.

  1. Download the Restoro free which is compatible with your Mac operating system version.
  1. After clicking the download button, go to downloads or to the folder where you saved the downloaded application installation package.
  2. Then, click the Restoro folder to start the installation.
  3. Next, you will have to move the Restoro to the application folder.
Malwarebytes Installation on Mac
  1. Follow the on-screen prompts in order to start installing the Restoro.
  2. On Mac, there will be a series of instructions before getting into the proper installation process. Just keep on clicking the “Continue” button.
Continue Button to proceed Installation
  1. After the series of continue buttons, you are now one step closer to installing Restoro. What you need to do is to select “Personal Computer”.
Select Personal Computer
  1. After selecting the personal computer, select the Restoro Free or the 14-day free Premium access.
  1. You will now have access to the features of Restoro.
  1. You will need to click Scan and then wait for Restoro to complete the scanning process
  2. When all is finished, you will see a list of threats scanned. The next step is to move the items checked in “Quarantine” by clicking the “Quarantine” button.
  3. Then, restart your computer to fully remove the items selected.
Quarantine Threats

Protect your computer from other threats & optimize its full performance

Protect your device from unwanted notifications and adware such as the that redirects you to a malicious site. By following this simple guide of how-to’s, your computer will be free of pop-up ads. It is best to uninstall recently installed and questionable apps that are stored in your system. Keep in mind to never download software applications from unproven websites.

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